Dear Dairy Ice Cream

Dear Dairy Ice Cream


I am sure you have heard it before..the best ice cream evah.  However, I am not kidding.  A lot of time and energy has gone into making this small batch ice cream.  Made in Portland Maine by an ice cream artist.  Flavor Descriptions:

Chocolate - like no other...seriously I was blown away.. 5 types of chocolate 

Chocolate Peppermint - Tea like peppermint leaf infused chocolate with a fondant swirl

Brown Butter Caramel- Smokey caramel ice cream and brown butter custard swirl

Mastic - Grecian evergreen resin ice cream.  Unique and delicious like a winter walk in a pine forest. I found it to be similar to butter mint with a velvety texture.  Delicious layered with the Chocolate.



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